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On this page we are going to run through the main features of the Sew Cool Machine, the kids’ sewing machine, and look at a few of them in-depth. You can also see our full Sew Cool Machine Review and that page will also tell you where to get the best price as well.

The Sew Cool Machine has a lot of awesome features that we think will quickly make it a favorite toy for your family.  Not only will it help your child learn to sew and gain confidence at the same time, it provides a good parent-child bonding experience as you work together and build something cool.

While the manufacturer emphasizes that this toy will be enjoyed by girls, we know some young boys who like to sew as well, so please don’t think of it as a girls-only toy.  Everyone likes to make things, especially young children.  They all like the feeling of accomplishment.

It comes with 9 projects and there are many more available that will make great add-on gifts, now or later.  You can find more ideas in the photo gallery too.

Revolutionary New Threadless Sewing Studio

The Sew Cool Machine makes sewing easy!  Your kids will magically sew without thread.  It’s the safe, easy way to sew and your child will love the beautiful stuffed characters and accessories they can make by themselves.  Once they learn how to use the machine and practice with the pre-made patterns, they can start designing, stitching, and decorating their own crafts.

Unlike traditional sewing machines, the Sew Cool Machine is designed specifically for girls aged 6-years and up.  It uses threadless sewing to teach creative skills and keep young children interested by giving great results, right away.  No more frustration and throwing out ruined craft projects!  The Sew Cool Sewing Studio lets girls (or boys!) make great gifts for their family and friends as well as useful items, like purses and pencil cases, they can use themselves.

Parents Love that It is Incredibly Safe & Easy-To-Use

Let’s face it, the last thing you want is an unsafe toy.  This is where the Sew Cool Machine excels.  Not only is it easy to use, it is incredibly safe.  It has a plastic needle guard that totally protects your child from the needle.  It has seam alignment and sewing guides to help keep the fabric moving in the right direction and position.  The whole process is very simple and completely safe. Once your daughter selects her project and prepares the materials, she simply presses the button and follows the dotted line.  This very cool kids sewing machine will sew the pieces together as if by magic.

This is as easy as it gets.  No foot pedal, no bobbin winding, not even thread!  And no squinting to find the eye in the needle!

Create Cute Characters, Fashions, and Accessories

The Sew Cool Sewing Studio comes with 9 projects out of the box.  This provides plenty of materials to get started.  There are also easy to follow instructions.  Your girl or boy will love making crafts from the cute pre-cut characters and accessories.   Or, they can even design their own characters such as Dogs, Cats, Ponies, Owls, and more.

You can stuff these characters to be big and full with the cotton stuffing that comes with Sew Cool.  If your daughter wants to make a fashion accessory, she can create a beautiful handbag.  Kids can even design their own, personalized sewing projects.  This would be a great way for you and your child to work together on something.  Imagine the look on their face when they finish sewing a project that you designed and made together with this kids sewing machine?  My daughters still have stick ponies that we made when they were young.  You could easily make a pony head for a stick pony with Sew Cool, and then mount it on a dowel and have a toy they will keep for years with fond memories.

And when your child finishes the included nine sewing projects, they’re not done!  There are lots more Sew Cool patterns for download, and even add-on kits that come with fabric and patterns, ready to go.  This gives you an endless supply of birthday, holiday, and special occasion gifts for your child for the future, too.  Plus, online you can find all sorts of other products from Sew Cool with patterns and materials for additional projects.  Take a look at some of our favorites here.

With the Sew Cool Sewing Studio, your child can easily create anything they can imagine.  What a great gift!

We Love the Sew Cool Machine

We know the Sew Cool Machine, the kid’s sewing machine, is going to be a super hot toy this Christmas.  Kids will love getting this because:

  • It’s safe and creative – kids can start sewing right away!
  • Designed for ages 6 and up, young sewers love that they can do this by themselves
  • Comes with all you need (except 4 AA batteries) to make 9 cool sewing projects
  • Builds hand-eye coordination
  • Feeds creativity and imagination skills

You can view a full Sew Cool Machine review on our homepage or if you are in a hurry CLICK HERE and you will be able to purchase the Sew Cool Machine on Amazon and get 10% off of the MSRP.

Sew Cool Machine – at a Discount!

The Sew Cool Machine is going to be one of those out of stock toys that parents are searching all over town to find.  We strongly recommend this kid sewing machine.  If you agree with us that this will be a big Christmas hit for your kids, better grab one now so you’re not frantically trying to find one in the days before Christmas!

The links below will ask if you want to add the Sew Cool Machine to your cart to make sure you grab one out of their inventory.  You can easily take it out of your cart if you decide not to buy.

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