Best Sewing Machine For Kids 2017

Best Sewing Machine For Kids 2017

When it comes to choosing sewing machines, many people are often confused. This is because the market is quite flooded with sewing machines from various brands such that you may not know which one to buy or leave. In addition to this, you are likely to be bombarded with a lot of information and advice about sewing machines. This may leave you unsure about the right machine to buy.

Choosing a sewing machine for kids needn’t be a herculean task, you can easily buy a sewing machine if you know the factors to look for before choosing one. It is important to remember that choosing a sewing machine for kids differs from choosing one for an adults. Kids have special needs which may not be met if you buy them a machine that is meant for adult usage.

This article attempts to look at both the factors to consider when buying a sewing machine for adults and the ones to consider when purchasing machines for kids. It first talks about buying a machine for an adult and thereafter sheds light on choosing machines for kids.

How to choose sewing machine for kids?

When buying a sewing machine for kids, things like size of the machine don’t matter much as you can easily fit even in a large machine. What matters most is the machine’s functionality and usability. Here are 5 factors to consider when looking for a sewing machine to buy:

  1. Quality

The quality of the machine should be a very important consideration when you are buying one. This is especially true if you are into serious sewing and not just doing it as a hobby or a pastime. The quality of the machine determines the kind of functions it will be able to perform and also its lifespan. A low quality machine will likely wear out quickly forcing you to spend more money on a new one. Choose a high quality machine over one of a lower quality. Remember the quality of a machine is directly tied to its price. The higher the price, the higher the quality and vice versa.

  1. Functionality

When buying a machine, go for one that will help you complete the sewing tasks you intend to complete using it. What will you be using the machine for? Is it embroidery, drapery, or just typical hemming and sewing? Whatever task you will be using your machine for, make sure you go for one that enables you do that as efficiently and as conveniently as possible. It is also important to go for a machine which has more features and buttons as this means more functionality.

  1. Your budget

Just like in any other case, it is important to take your budget into consideration before embarking on buying a sewing machine for kids. How much money do you have for spending on the machine? What is your upper limit in regards to the price of the machine? You should ask yourself such kinds of questions before heading out to shop. Go for a machine that fits into your budget. It is possible to find a high quality machine that doesn’t put a stretch on your budget. It is advisable to conduct an online search for machines before heading out to purchase one. This will help you compare prices and quality and enable you decide on which one to buy with the budget you have.

  1. Buy from dealerships

When buying a new machine, it is advisable to buy from local dealers as opposed to buying from established supermarkets and departmental stores. This is because you will enjoy certain benefits when you buy from dealers which aren’t offered by larger stores. Dealers offer enough personal attention to customers in comparison to departmental stores which have many customers and may not be able to offer enough attention to a single customer. The dealers will take time and advise you on how to use the machine as well as explain to you any complex feature. Such advice is normally not available when you buy from a departmental store. Besides, dealers employ staff who are knowledgeable in sewing machines whereas departmental stores just have general store attendants.

In addition, local dealers can offer you repair and maintenance services which departmental stores don’t offer.

  1. Buy from established brands

It is important that you only buy a machine from a well known and established brand. Buying machines from well established brands helps to guarantee quality and functionality.

Buying a sewing machine for kids

If your kid has an interest in sewing, you can buy them a sewing machine for kids to use in sewing garments. Buying your kid a sewing machine is a wonderful way of nurturing their creative skills and talents. In addition to quality and functionality, here are 5 factors to consider when buying your kid a sewing machine:

  1. Security

Security is of utmost importance when buying a machine for kids. This is because the machines have moving parts which may pose danger to kids. In addition to this, the machines have to be fitted with sharp needles and may also have to be connected to an electricity source. Try going for a machine which has push buttons and not pedals to protect your kid from hurting their fingers by inconsistently pushing the pedals. Also go for a machine which is light in weight so that your kid may not get hurt in case the machine accidentally falls. Finger guards should also be an important safety consideration.

  1. Level of skill

The level of skill matters when it comes to choosing a machine for a kid. A kid who is a beginner in sewing may not be able to use some machines conveniently. For a beginner kid, choose a machine that automatically inserts thread into a needle as they likely don’t have knowledge on fixing threads. Also go for a machine which allows easy bobbin and pedalling.

  1. Simplicity

Simplicity is key when it comes to choosing a machine for a kid. Choose a machine that has basic features and not complex ones. Complex features will only serve to confuse the kid and interfere with their attempts to improve their sewing skills.

  1. Size of the machine

The size of the machine matters when it comes to kids. The machine shouldn’t be very big as this may be intimidating to the kid. The child should also be able to reach the machine and access all its features to enable him or her sew with ease. The machine therefore shouldn’t be very high or large.

  1. Speed

The machine should have a consistent speed to ensure your kid doesn’t sew garments with poorly done threading. A machine whose speed isn’t consistent is likely to offer your kid a challenge in coming up with uniform stitches and even seams.

Buy Sewing Machine For Your Kids Now

When you are buying a sewing machine for kids, just go for one of your choice. Only make sure it’s of the right quality and it’s able to serve the necessary functions. On top of these, you should also consider the machine’s safety aspect especially for kids.

Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table

It is a product of the renowned Brother sewing machine brand. It is a very light weight sewing machine. But, it has a reputation for its unimaginable performance. This computerized sewing machine provides 60 built in stitches, 1-step 7 auto buttonhole styles and many more features. It also comes with a hard case which can be used to protect it from dust when you will not use it. This is a very cheap sewing machine which is worth having for the price you pay.

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner but don’t have much time to learn sewing, then it is the best choice for you. It was intentionally made for the beginners. This sewing machine provides 20 built in stitches, 5 pressure feet and so many other easy to use features which are perfect for any beginners. This machine does not have an LCD screen, but you can easily operate it. It is a very cheap sewing machine with so many features so you can go for it if you are searching for a machine for everyday usage.

SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with DVD, 10 Presser Feet and Metal Frame

It is a well-developed version of singer 7258. It has many features including 100 built in stitches, 10 pressure feet, speed controlling with start/stop button, automatic tension, etc. It can also sew 750 stitches per minute and singer provides 25 year warranty on this product. Whether you are professional or beginner in sewing this can be the best sewing machine for you.

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches

It is the product of the globally recognized Janome brand. It is a very heavy-duty machine. So, it can be considered as the best sewing machine for quilting. It comes with many features like 14 built in stitches, 4 step buttonholes, etc. you can easily use it to sew quilts, jeans and this type of similar heavy clothing. So, if you want a sewing machine with a strong build quality then you can go for it.